Columbus Discount Recording is a recording studio founded in 2004 in Columbus, Ohio. Over the last 8 years we have made hundreds of recordings for local, national and international artists. We are open to the public.

Our control room equipment racks are filled with a mix of modern, vintage and custom made gear. Much of our gear has been heavily modified for better performance. At the center of the room sits our extensively modified 1985 Soundcraft 8000 40 channel mixer. Our main tape machines consist of an MCI JH-110C 1" 8 track, a Teac 85-16 1" 16 track, a MCI JH-110 1/4" 2 track. This setup allows us to keep your music in the analog domain through the finished product. The control room is large and comfortable, with ample seating, wi-fi, and a mini-fridge.

Columbus Discount Recording's live room is a gargantuan 50ft x 30ft space, designed to be as versatile, sonically, as it is spatially accommodating. One end of the room is acoustically treated to be dead quiet with a flat frequency response. The rest of the space is open, and can be utilized to create anything from a subtle, natural reverb on the voice to big, booming, thunderous drums. One isolation booth is also available.

The studio is located in the bustling northern Olde Towne East district, and is easily within walking distance of several restaurants, bars, and bodegas.